Thursday, October 1, 2015

Amazing Story....

At the company Christmas party, my wife, Louise, and I shared a table with Bernie and his wife, Babs. It had to be the lowest status table in the whole banquet hall. We were in a dark corner, across the room from the executive table. Louise and I sat facing the wall. Bernie and Babs at least were facing the room and could see what was going on. About the only good thing about the table was that we were so far away from the band that we could actually hold a conversation.

“Don’t count on the Nova job,” Bernie was saying. “Victor has it locked up.”

“Victor.” Louise literally spat the word out. “I hate that man.”

I nudged her with my leg and caught her eye in a silent warning. I was afraid she would make a racial comment. Earlier when we found out our seating assignments, I had warned her that Bernie was solidly in Victor’s camp. Anything we said that was out of line would be reported to management. One mistake and any chance I had for the Nova job would be gone.

“Oh, Victor’s not so bad,” Babs said. “He got Bernie a nice raise last year.”

He should have, I thought. Bernie had taken the heat for Victor’s screw up on the Acme job — a job I should have had, and could have done right.

Bernie smiled at Babs remark. “Robert and Victor are old rivals, Honey. Whoever gets the Nova job will be able to push our software technology to a new level. And get a nice promotion.”

That was the problem — technology. Victor was a politician. All he wanted was the promotion. He couldn’t design, and his code sucked. If he got the job, there wouldn’t be any new technology, just a mess.

The light darkened even more as someone approached the table. It was Victor. “Merry Christmas, Bernie,” he said as he shook Bernie’s hand. “Babs, how nice to see you again.” But instead of shaking her hand, he brought it up to his lips.

I would have felt corny doing something like that, but Victor could get away with it. He was a tall black man that kept in good shape. And he was so immaculately dressed in an expensive suit that he looked like an exec. Probably that was why he was sitting near them.

But I wasn’t fooled, when he bent over Babs’ hand, I saw him checking out her cleavage.

“Robert,” he said as he extended his hand. “Having a good time, I hope.”

I smiled as we shook. “Yeah, good party. I don’t think you’ve met my wife. Louise this is Victor.”

That was the thing. You had to be polite, even in the lower levels of management. And especially when your rival is kissing your wife’s hand and making it obvious that he is looking down her dress.

“A pleasure,” he said to Louise then looked over to Babs. “Bernie, you have to let me dance with Babs.”

After he led her away, Louise leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Did you see the way he looked at me. I wondered for a moment if I was naked.”

“He’s just trying to get me mad so I’ll do something stupid.”

She looked at me with an amused smile then nudged me then and nodded over to Bernie. He was oblivious to us. Instead he stared rather anxiously at the dance floor.

Well, I thought, I’d be worried too if Victor had my wife.

A few minutes later Bernie’s smile signaled the return of Victor and Babs.

“Robert,” Victor said, “I would love a dance with Louise.”

“Sure, just remember where you got her.”

My turn to worry. But fortunately, Bernie took Babs for a dance too, leaving me all alone so I was able to turn around and watch without, I hoped, looking like a nervous husband.

However, I should have stayed facing the wall. It was a slow dance and Victor kept Louise at the edge of the floor where I could see them. He did it deliberately too because I saw him glance over at me, and when he saw me watching, he tried to pull her close.

At first Louise resisted but as he turned her, she too saw me watching. That was my big mistake because teasing me is Louise’s favorite game. She let him pull her close, and on the next turn Victor smirked at me as his hand drifted down onto Louise’s ass. She lifted his hand back up to her waist, but she was still smiling when he turned her enough so that she could again look at me.

After that, the two of them really got into the game, taking turns watching me and getting increasing bold with every turn. On the next turn, Victor watched me as he put his hand back on her ass. Louise left it there which encouraged Victor to get even bolder. He moved her around so they were dancing in a half open position, with one boob against his chest and the other out a little way from him. Since they were dancing almost side by side, they both watched me on the next turn as Victor put his paw on her breast.

When Louise starts a game, she plays hard. For the rest of the dance, she let Victor openly fondle her boob and rub her ass while they both laughed at me.

I didn’t know what to think. It was humiliating, yet my cock was hard as a rock. I couldn’t remember ever being so excited.

The only thing that saved us from a major scandal was that Victor seemed to have enough sense to only make his moves on the part of the turns where I was the only one who could see. Nonetheless, I was relieved when the dance ended and they returned to the table. Eventually someone had to notice.

“I’ll get the next round,” Victor announced as he seated Louise. “What’s everyone drinking?”

However, Bernie and Babs excused themselves, saying that it was late and that they had to get the baby-sitter home. So after Victor left to fetch the drinks, Louise and I were left sitting alone.

Louise slipped her hand under the table and felt my crotch. She laughed at finding me hard. “Oh, what’s this? Did hubby get a little excited?”

“Damn, Louise,” I said. “How do you expect me to compete with a man that’s had his hands all over my wife?”

She gave me a quick kiss. “Relax. We’ve done more than this with your friends. Just think about how much fun you’ll have later when you fuck me.”

She had me there.


It had all started one night when we had my friend Andy over for dinner. After steaks we sat in the den and worked on our second bottle of wine. Louise sat next to Andy on the couch while I relaxed in the recliner. As we were laughing at some of his jokes, I became aware that Louise was sitting unusually close to Andy. She had her legs folded up on the couch and was leaning an arm on his shoulder.

I think she was waiting for me to notice because when I did, she eyed me for a moment then turned and gave Andy a brief kiss on the lips. Andy returned the kiss, but the way his eyes widened, I knew he was as surprised as me.

Louise laughed at our expressions and asked, “Robert, would it be all right if I necked a bit with Andy? Just a bit?”

“Well… yeah… I guess so…” I knew that it wasn’t manly to let her neck with Andy, but she always made it a point to greet my friends with a hug and a kiss. I would have felt foolish making a fuss over a few extra kisses.

Actually nothing much happened. Just some open mouth kissing with an occasional flicker of tongue. The most interesting part was the way she kept glancing over at me between kisses. I suppose she enjoyed the kissing, but the excitement seemed to come from doing it front of me.

As for me, I discovered that watching them made my cock hard. And that was significant. I had problem with getting fully erect. Fortunately, Louise was understanding about it and we had worked out a system for love making. Out typical session consisted of using lots of oil so I could slip my half-hard cock into her. It wasn’t enough to get either of us off, but we had discovered that she could cum if I went down on her afterwards. And once she was satisfied, she would keep me company while I jacked myself off to a climax.

After Andy left that night, we were both really hot and had great sex. The best part was that I stayed fully erect. We must have fucked for an hour. It did turn out that neither of us could cum from the fucking, but it felt great and we both got off in our usual way afterwards. All-in-all a great night.

So thereafter, necking with my friends became a regular part of our social life — and a necessary prelude to our sex life. She did it with Leo at his apartment, Mike at a movie, and with all three of them while I drove us to and from Vegas one weekend. We always had great sex afterwards.

At first it was just kissing, but before long she began letting the guys fondle her breasts. And of course, they soon progressed to stripping her to the waist. One night she invited all three of them over to dinner and served it while wearing nothing but thong panties. And just the weekend before the Christmas party, she had let Andy take off her panties and finger fuck her.


“Here we go.” Victor’s return interrupted our conversation. He sat the drinks down and pulled Bernie’s chair around so he could sit next to Louise. Immediately one arm went around her, and as he leaned forward to speak to me, he used his free hand to start fondling her breast again. “So Robert, nice wife you have. Like these boobs.”

The cheeky bastard. And Louise didn’t make it any easier — under the table, she tightened her hand around my cock. It sent a thrill through me as I stared at his hand. It was cupped around her boob while he rubbed at her nipple with his thumb.

I glanced up to see them both grinning at me, waiting to see what I would do. I had to speak up. “That’s my wife you’ve got your hands on.”

“Yes, but we all know you’re not going to make a scene. Are you?”

“Well no… But take it easy. Neither of us can afford a scandal.”

“You worry too much. Let’s have some fun.” He leaned Louise forward to unzip her dress and unhooked her bra. Then he sat her back and slipped the dress and bra straps over her shoulder and made her slip her arms from the sleeves. As the material fell to her lap, he pulled her face to his. They kissed while his hand roamed over the bare flesh of her boobs .

Damn. He had my wife half naked in public. But we were okay. I glanced quickly around the room and saw that no one was staring at us. And Louise’s body was shielded from view by her coat draped over the back of her chair. But this was dangerous as hell. If anyone bothered to look they would see them kissing. And if anyone came over, we were dead.

“Damn, Victor, you’re going to get us fired.”

He broke of the kiss to look at me as he thought it over. “Okay,” he said. “Let’s take her up to my room.”

“No way.” Playing around was one thing, but if he got her up to his room, he would try to fuck her.

“Up to you,” he said. He pushed her dress, panties, and panty hose down off her hips and past her knees, then helped her extract her feet. The clothing went into my lap to deal with as he leaned her back into the seat. Except for her shoes and jewelry, Louise was completely naked.

This time as they kissed, he spread her out, putting one leg across mine and the other across his. I could see his hand snake down to her pussy and felt her stiffen as he slipped a finger into her.

I was torn between fear of getting caught and fear of what would happen in his room. Fear of getting caught won out. “Okay,” I said. “You win. Let’s take her to your room.”

“All right,” he said. “Be a good boy and I’ll let you watch me fuck her.”

“No way you’re going to do that,” I said. But when I looked at Louise, her head was slightly back, her mouth half open with passion. Damn, I thought, she might actually let him do it. But I would have to deal with that later. For now, I had to get her out of here.

“Come on,” I said. “You can have plenty of fun without fucking her. Let’s get her clothes on.”

Victor overruled me. “I want her naked. We’ll just put her coat on.”

At least he had agreed to move. So while he helped Louise get her arms into the coat sleeves, I folded up her clothes. Then they stood up and walked out with their arms around each other while I tailed along behind them.

The coat was too short. It barely covered her ass. And it didn’t help that Victor pulled it up a little with the arm he had around her waist. I could see several of the guys, some that I knew, staring at her exposed ass cheek as we left. Damn, we were toast.

In the elevator, Victor stood behind Louise, opened her coat, and cupped her boobs with both hands. Then he pulled the coat down over her shoulders and let it drop down her arms. She let it fall to the floor and stood there naked before me with Victor behind her, one hand playing with her tits, the other rubbing her pussy. But they didn’t kiss — they were too busy grinning at me as I watched them.

When the elevator door opened, Victor and Louise just stepped out, leaving the coat on the floor. I quickly bent over to pick it up and hurried after them. On the way out, I bumped into a fat guy backing into the elevator door. I don’t think he even noticed me. He was too focused on watching Victor’s hand caress Louise’s naked behind as they walked down the hall.

When we stepped into Victor’s room,Louise began laughing. “Did you see that guy’s eyes. I always thought that bit about them popping out of someone’s head was just and expression.”

I laughed too. “You should have seen me trying to get out of the elevator. I think he was glued to the floor.”

“There is some bourbon and ice on the table, Robert,” Victor said. “Fix us a drink.”

“Yes sir. Coming right up.”

That caught Louise’s attention. She laughed again — at me this time — and turned to Victor. “What about me, boss man? What do you want me to do?”

“You can entertain me,” Victor said as he hung up his coat. He turned to face her and began undoing his tie. “Jump up and down and let me see your tits bounce.”

Louise did as she was told. She kicked off her shoes and stood naked in the middle of the floor bouncing up and down for Victor. Her boobs were too firm to flop around much but they did have a nice jiggle to them. And I especially liked the way she watched me the whole time. This was turning out to be the best tease she had ever done.

Victor was having fun too. When I offered him his drink he took it from me and said, “Get your clothes off Robert.” Then he sat down naked in a chair and told Louise, “Come here. Bend over and shake your tits from side to side for me.”

As Louise leaned over, her boobs hung down so that she could shake them for Victor. She started off slow, letting them swing from side to side, then built up speed until they were really shaking. This time, though, she wasn’t watching me. She was too busy checking out Victor’s big old dong as it stretched half hard across his leg.

“You like what you see?” Victor asked her.

“It’s enormous.” And it was. Even half hard it was much longer and thicker than my cock ever got.

“You can kiss it,” he told her.

“No way,” I objected.

“So you’re going to renege?” Victor asked. “You did say I could have fun as long as I didn’t fuck her. Didn’t you?”

Damn. I couldn’t remember exactly what I had said, so I had to concede the point. “Okay. A deal’s a deal.”

“So the rules are,” Louise asked, “he gets to do anything he wants with your wife, except fuck her. Is that right?”

I nodded. “Right.”

“Okay.” She laughed again and reached for Victor’s cock.

But he stopped her. “No hands. Just your lips and tongue.”

That’s another thing about Louise — she likes a good challenge. She put her hands on her hips and leaned forward until her lips met Victor’s cock. She kissed it a few times then ran her tongue down its length. Then she moved back to its head and tried to get it into her mouth. That was a challenge. The big bulb at the end of his cock seemed too big for her mouth. But she kept at it, using her tongue to position it against his leg and stretching her lips over it.

Finally she sucked it in and searched for me with a look of triumph. When she found me naked on my knees next to them, she let her eyes scan down my body to my crotch where my hand was busy stroking my cock. It must be hard to giggle with a cock in your mouth, but she did.

I guess the sight of me getting off on watching her suck a big black cock spurred her on because she kept watching me out of the corner of her eyes as she slowly started working Victor’s cock deeper into her mouth. It didn’t help her that his cock was growing as it hardened. But the way she was bent over at the waist with her head up served to straighten out her throat. Several times she gagged, but she would just pull out a little then go at it again. Eventually she worked her lips all the way down to his pubic hair.

Once she had gotten it all the way in, she slowly pulled away until it was almost out of her mouth, then began sliding it back into her. She did this several times and I could actually see her throat expanding and contracting with the bulk of his cock as she slid it in and out.

“On your knees,” Victor ordered her as he stood up.

Louise sank to her knees and started using her hands to stroke his cock as she sucked on its head. My position on my knees next to her gave me a great view of the action.

“Okay, now kiss your husband,” Victor ordered.

She kept one hand on his cock as she turned to kiss me. Our first little kiss was tentative, just a little peck. But it wasn’t gross like I expected, so I didn’t pull away. We both opened our mouths and explored each others lips. It was an exciting experience — her lips were warm from the heat of Victor’s cock. I wondered if that was what they meant when they said a girl had ‘hot lips.’

Victor pulled Louise to her feet and pushed her onto her back on the bed. Then he knelt on the floor, pulled her towards him until her ass was on the edge of the bed, and began rubbing his cock on her pussy.

“Hey,” I complained. “No fucking, remember.”

“I remember,” he said. “But it’s not really fucking if I just slip my dick into her.”

“Yes,” Louise said. She was getting too hot to smile, but I could tell that she was still teasing me. “Let him do it. I want to feel what’s like to have a really big, hard cock in me.”

“Okay, but you can’t fuck her.”

He pushed the head of his cock into her and began pumping away, trying to force his cock deeper into her.

“Damn,” I protested. “You’re not supposed to fuck her.”

“Relax. It’ll hurt her if I just push in with one stroke.”

He was pushing his cock a little ways into her then pulling almost all the way out before pushing in again. With each stroke his cock did go a little deeper, but I could tell that he was holding back, moving real slow and not pushing as hard as he could so that he could prolong the action.

It was hard to take my eyes off the sight of a big black cock working its way into my wife’s pussy, but did glance up once to see Louise watching me. “God, it’s big,” she said. “It feels so fucking good.”

I looked back down to see that Victor had bottomed out. He was still using long strokes to pull nearly out then sliding in until their pelvic bones met.

“Hey. Stop,” I said. “We had a deal that you wouldn’t fuck my wife. It’s enough that I let you put your cock in her.”

“Take it easy,” Victor said. “It isn’t a real fuck unless I cum in her.”

I looked at Louise, but she was out of it. Her head was back, mouth open, and eyes glazed over as she reveled in the feel of a really big cock fucking her.

I gave in. “Okay. You can do anything you want to my wife. Just don’t cum in her. We don’t use protection and this is her fertile time.”

“Shit,” Victor said.

I wasn’t sure what he meant, but I let it go so that I could concentrate on watching him fuck my wife. Gradually his strokes got shorter and faster, and his breathing became more labored. Louise began bucking back at him, trying to help him fuck her. And her eyes were now focused on me, but she was too gone with passion to grin at me. This was no longer a tease — it was a fuck.

“This is your lucky day, Robert,” Victor said between gasps for breath. He was fucking furiously now. “Not only do you get to watch me fuck your wife, you get to watch me knock her up.”

Shit. But too late. Victor bucked and groaned as he shot his sperm into my wife’s unprotected pussy. I could see his ass cheeks clinching and his body jerking as he unloaded shot after shot into her.

Finally he stopped moving as he knelt there with his cock still in my wife while he worked to catch his breath. After a few moments he looked around to see me on my knees next to him stroking my fully erect cock. “Okay, man,” he said as he moved away. “Your turn.”

But as I moved to position myself between her legs, Louise reached down with a hand to keep me away. “No. Not that. I need to cum.”

I looked down and her pussy. It was red and swollen and cum had starrted dipping out of it. “You kidding.”

“Please,” she asked. Her face was flushed and serious looking. “Make me cum.”

“Shit.” At first, I didn’t think I could do it, but when I leaned down close I caught the odor of his cum. What a turn on — I loved the smell of it. And when I put my lips to her pussy I found that the taste was not that bad. The only hard part was when I sucked on her clit. His cum came into my mouth in big stringy globs and sort of slithered down my throat. That was hard to take.

But she started moaning and bucking. “Oh yes. Yes. Suck Victor’s cum out of your slut wife’s cunt.”

She moaned then and her body shuttered so I knew she had cum. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and moved back into position to fuck her, but she slid away from me up onto the center of the bed. “No,” she said. “Come here and lay down beside me. You too, Victor.”

We lay down on either side of her and she rolled over to face Victor and began kissing him. “Hey, what about me?” I asked.

She rolled over on top of Victor and kissed him again before looking at me. She was still breathing heavy, but I could see her smile start to return as she said, “I want to watch you jack off while I neck with Victor.”

So I laid there beside them and resumed stroking myself. After a while, she sat up straddling Victor so that he could fondle her tits while she watched me.

Victor, who had been silent while he rested, spoke up. “So you like getting fucked in front of your husband,” he asked.

“Yes,” she said then added. “You asshole, you probably knocked me up.”


“Well,” my wife said as she grinned at me. “I do want a family. And Robert can’t cum in me. So maybe we can fuck some more?”

That did it. I shot my load into the air.


Actually things worked out pretty good for us. I got the Nova job and now Victor, Andy, Leo, and Mike all work for me. I think they like it. The work is good, and after all, it’s not every boss that lets his employees fuck his wife.

We will have to take a break soon though — Louise is about to deliver our first baby. I’m looking forward to her recovery because we have decided to have at least one more child. And we’re thinking another black child will be best.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chastity Training

I should show thus to my Mistress wife!
This is me in the pic with chastity. I want to buy a silicone one now!

Chastity belt training reviewed 

1. You are not punishing your man - you are protecting him from his perfectly normal lack of self-control.
2. You are not denying him sexual pleasure. In fact, when you do release him from his male chastity belt, sex will feel better for him and his orgasms will become much more intense.
3. You are not denying yourself the sex life you deserve. While he’s locked up he’ll use his mouth and fingers to provide you with sexual satisfaction on a regular basis. And, there are ways that you have satisfying penetrative sex while he is still under lock and key.
4. Men will try to claim they need to have regular orgasms to stay healthy. This simply isn’t true. They do need to have ejaculations every so often; but you can make this happen in a matter of minutes without him getting an erection or having an orgasm.
5. Hundreds of thousands of married couples are in the male chastity lifestyle. It’s not kinky. In fact, the odds are that several of your friends already have their husband’s crown jewels locked away.
6. When done correctly, your man will feel more loved by you than he did before male chastity became a part of your life. In fact, most men eventually thank their wives for insisting on the lifestyle.
7. While at first you’ll only keep him locked up for a few days at a time, eventually he should be restricted to eight to 12 orgasms a year. This is more than enough.
8. Over time he’ll start to feel like more of a man, because he’ll know that all of his sexual energy is going towards pleasing you. He’ll like the fact that he no longer feels like a little boy who can’t help but play with his little pee-pee when you are not looking. Instead, he will be saving himself for you!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My new Tattoo!

I am planning to have this tattoo inked on my left shoulder thid Sumner. Its the Ra Eye and I incorporated 2 small details to match my lifestyle ...atop of the eye there is the word Katoye (Ladyboy) in Thai and below there is the Queen of Spades symbol to show to the world that I am available to black men and that I am a White BBC Cum Slut!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ten Reasons why I date only Black Men....

1. Black men are often larger on average than white in other words you are more likely to see more well-hung black men than white men.

2. Black men are more often multiple cummers.

3. The contrast is a huge turn on.

4. The taboo aspect.

5. Black men show up more often at parties than white men.

6. Black men concentrate more on pleasing the woman or women they are with as white men seem to be more into pleasing themselves (not every white man though).

7. Black men are equal opportunity fuckers.

8. Black men keep it hard not every black man but on average more often that white it seems.

9. They are more sexually aggressive it seems which a lot of women find to be a huge plus

10. Look at all of the BBC groups on (yahoo, ning, flicker...etc). There are more and more everyday so black men must be doing something right.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Want to submit to my Wife!

I am so desperately looking for my wife to become my Mistress. These are the steps that I need to follow so that I can achieve the true meaning of cuckolding!
1. Submit to my wife
2. My wife becomes My Mistress
3. She FemDom me
4. Puts me in Chastity and takes me with Strapon
5. Live in a Female Led Relationship and worship her and her pussy.
6. Since I cannot satisfy her she fucks other men
7. She Feminize me and give me estrogens and anti testosterone
8. She cuckolds me
9. I have to serve her and her lovers
10. I fluff her lovers and lick her creampies
11. I become a bitch for her lovers and they take me as well
12. She introduces Black Lovers to our Relationship
13. We both become Black Owned
14. Her Superior Black Lovers Breed her
15. We live in a Black owned Environment!

Hopefully we can do that!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

So Hot!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Want my wife to become my Mistress!

I am so desperate to submit to my wife and have her as my Mistress!  Then I want her to cuckold me with black men! Looking forward to bulls to own both of us!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Want my wife to becoem my Mistress and Cuckold me!!!!

I am Eva, a 40 year old married Sissy that have been cross-dressing for the last 15 years. My wife has no idea about it and lately I want to let her know about it.  I have been taking on and off hormones to feminize myself and managed to get pouty tits, became more feminine but managed to keep it secret from my wife.  I have many experiences with men, only passive and really love it! Lately I have a kick for Black men and also have been with 3 black men. Now I want my wife to enjoy black men as well.
For the last couple of years I have lost interest in making love to my wife, and if we have is after a lot of pressure by her. I usually last for 2-3 minutes and she hardly have orgasms during intercourse.  I really enjoy licking her to an orgasm fingering at the same time her ass and pussy. I am doing that so well that she has intense orgasms that as soon as she has them she pushes them away. I told her that I want to lick her pussy every day as many times she wants and at any given time of the day. I even ask her to call me when she goes to the bathroom so that I can lick her pussy clean after she pees and taste her juicy pussy mixed with piss but she refuses. One time that I came inside her and did not cum because I came in 3 minutes I went down on her and lick her pussy to an orgasm, tasting and swallowing my cum. I love to drink my cum, I love cum in general and in order to make it more sweet, I eat everyday pineapple, so in case I have to do that again to enjoy  sweet pussy juices with my sweet cum!
Back in May, the night that I had returned from a trip that I had in Asia, we had dinner and drunk 3 bottles of wine. Things led to making love but I could not get an erection, maybe because of the trip’s stress, the wine or my no interest in making love to her. As I was trying to penetrate her and my pathetic cock was limb, I told her that I want to become her Sissy Slut and that I want her to become my Mistress. She froze for a minute and then she wanted some explanation. She did not want to accept that and she tried to tell me that I do not need to worry, we are going to pass it through together.
Since then I am thinking at all times that I want to submit to her and serve her as much as possible. I am so desperate to become her Sissy Slut but do not know how I can tell her and pursue her to become my Mistress.
I am ready to hand her my manhood and become her Sissy Slut. I want to wear a chastity belt and give her the key to hang on a necklace. I am not interested in having orgasms but the only thing that I want to do to her is worship her and her pussy 24/7!  I love the feeling of me being between her legs worshipping her fresh shaved pussy, hearing her moan and feeling her juices all over my mouth. But I do not want only that. I want to see her with other men. I have accepted that I cannot satisfy her anymore, therefor I am willing to let her fuck other men. She is also 40 years young, the period of her life that her hormones are high, she is very sexy and needs attention. Since I am a pathetic Sissy, and very proud one, I am ready to share her with men, especially with Black men. I find Black Men so attractive, therefor I believe that the best match for her should be a Black man or men that will offer her satisfaction and make her feel woman, sexy, slut. I love black men and want her to submit to black men as well as long as I will become her cuckhold.
I need to find a way to plant the seed for her to cuckold me. The first step should be to disclose to her about my cross-dressing and my love for lingerie, stockings, garter belts, high heels, miniskirts, makeup and every feminine cloth and accessory there is out there. This will be the beginning so that by accepting that I will submit to her and become her maid. I really want to be in a Female Lead Relationship and willing to serve her. I love making the house jobs, cleaning, laundering, cooking, making the dishes, therefor I would love to be in maid’s uniform and make all these while she is one the couch watching her favorite soap opera and me serving her her cappuccino’s and drinks.  Off course when being in maid’s uniform, I will be wearing my chastity belt and the key will be on her necklace. I am sure slowly slowly she will feminize me and would like to start playing with my boi pussy and insert her dildo. I am fantasizing her taking me with a strap on and fucking me hard as my pathetic clit is locked in chastity with cum running as her strap on is milking my prostate making me have anal orgasms. By then I will not be able to satisfy her anyways so I will recommend her to find a bull so that he can satisfy her since I will become a passive pathetic sissy that love to be sissified by my Mistress Hotwife.
This is where I will tell her that I want her to date black men because I deserve to be humiliated by Alpha Males of the Superior Race. I am sure she will agree with me because I know she likes black men. In a conversation we had one day she said that she find black men very attractive… Living in Switzerland can be difficult to find BBC but I believe there many black men from Africa. I already met some Nigerians and chat regularly therefore this will be easy. I already have a BBC ready so as soon as my wife is ready he will be her first BBC. I am so excited with the idea of my wife being blackened for the first time. I am sure she will love it and as it is very common, Once you go Black never returned back!!
I am willing the first time that my wife she is going to be with a black man not to be present. We will arrange together the meeting but I will stay home all dressed up and in my permanent chastity and jewel anal plug and live in anxiety waiting for her to return.  I know my wife likes to swallow cum but we need to discuss our options of letting her Black Bull to cum deep in her pussy and ass. The idea of letting a black man cum in my wife drives me crazy. It drives me crazy because when my wife returns home I will be able to lick her pussy and not only taste her cum but also I will lick clean her pussy and swallow her black lover’s cum. I am getting psychologically horny with the idea of my wife sitting on my face emptying the sweet, salty, masculine superior cum in my mouth. I am sure her pussy will be so open, like I never managed to open it with the pathetic clit I have. I am sure also that she will be smelling black cock, sweat and erotism!  
My wife has never taken contraceptive pills but we need to consider that now. To be honest I want my wife to be bred by black men and impregnated so that I can raise a black kid, but right now it is not a wise thing to do. Further down when I will be fully feminized and leave behind my masculine life this will be the only option to raise a black baby. The idea of my wife starting contraceptives now is that we both will be taking them every day. For her not to get pregnant and for me to become more feminine, grow breast and have a more feminine figure. Looking forward to that because I know that the Thailand Ladyboys are so feminine because they have been taking contraceptive pills from the age of 10.
I am sure that my wife will find a permanent lover and then I will be also able to participate when she meets him. I would love for both of us to be dressed sexy and slutty at home and invite her black lover in our home. I will be happy to serve him and her drinks, me being in a maid’s uniform and being there watching her black bull making my wife his slut. I am so excited with the idea that I can watch them first and then participate as well. There as so many things that I want to do with my wife and her black lover that I can write for ever. If you like to read some more visit my:
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Looking forward getting your messages, connecting with me, getting your feedback as well as getting your advice on how I can open up to my wife about my needs and fantasies and hopefully I  will start living all of the above. I do not want you to think that I want to do all these just for my own pleasure. Since I am a pathetic Sissy Slut and cannot satisfy my Hotwife the way I am supposed to, I want her to feel her sexuality and be satisfied because at the age of 40 has so much sexuality and needs that only Black Men of the Superior Race can provide her with all the attention and sex .  See you at the other side of the moon!!!!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Cuckold Training Session

This is the first of a series of cuckold training seminars that you must master in order for you to become a good cuckold.

Today you will listen to me and do exactly what I tell you to do because if you want this relationship to work you're going to have to make some changes.  If you want to be my cuckold you'll do exactly as I say and do things my way.  You will need to listen to a series of cuckold training sessions and follow my instructions.  The first thing you need to understand is that the only sex you and I will have from now on will be on my terms and my terms are as follows:

1.)  I will fuck only men that can satisfy me.  I need men with cocks that are a lot bigger than yours.

2.)  You will help me find men to suit my sexual needs and I will decide who, where and when to fuck.

3.)  Your only sexual involvement will be to watch me having sex with other men and to clean my cum filled pussy when my lover has finished.

4.)  You will also be expected to eat your own cum too, that is if I allow you to cum.

I know what your kinky sexual desires are.  You are a pathetic cuckold with a small dick that can't satisfy any woman and you have a flaming cum fetish.  Your fantasy is to watch me get fucked by black men with huge cocks that fill my pussy up with cum and then suck all the cum out and swallow it down your pathetic cuckold throat.  You dream about swallowing loads of other mens cum from my pussy while you jack off.  You even want to swallow your own cum but you've noticed that a peculiar thing happens when you've tried to do so in the past.  As soon as you ejaculate, your desire to eat your own cum fades quickly and you can't bring yourself to do it.  Well that's all about to change.  As my cuckold you will be expected to eat your own cum without hesitation and I will teach you how to do so.  There is a technique you must learn to master the art of eating your own cum.  The trick is to bring yourself very near to the point of orgasm without experiencing an orgasm.  If you can do this, cum will flow from your cock but you will still remain hard and your cuckold desire to eat cum will not fade.  You must master this art before we can proceed to other cuckold training sessions and before we can invite a cuckold bull over for me to fuck. 

The first thing I want you to do is find a nice comfortable chair to sit in.  Get some lube out if you need to and a small drinking glass.  Place the glass within easy reach.  You're going to make yourself a yummy cocktail, a cum cocktail and then your going to drink it all down (laughing).

Now that your ready, I want you to get your tiny weeny cock out and start stroking it.  Your small dick doesn't even begin to fill my pussy.  I need something at least twice as big as yours.  I know you want to see me fuck other men that can satisfy me the way I want and need, so I want you to imagine me with a well hung black man.  His cock is big and thick and barely fits in my mouth.  You love watching me suck another mans cock don't you?  And you love watching my tight little pussy getting spread apart by his big thick cock.  You'd like to see that wouldn't you?

Is your dick getting hard thinking about that black cock fucking my tight pussy?  I bet it is, because that's what a good cuckold wants to see, and you want to be a good cuckold don't you?

Now imagine how my pussy would look when that black bull pulls his big dick out and puts it in my mouth for me to suck my pussy juice off.  Umm, I bet my pussy would be stretched and gapping open so wide when he pulls his cock out because it hasn't had anything that big in it ever before.  My pussy certainly never got stretched like that with your pathetic little toothpick.  Are you imagining how my wide open pussy would look?  You'd like to taste that pussy wouldn't you?  You'd love to lap up all that pussy juice from my cunt wouldn't you?  Especially after that big black cock has been in there.

Now imagine me fucking my black bull in every every position he desires.  He takes complete control of me while he is fucking me while you watch and stroke you tiny cock over in the corner. 
You love to watch me get fucked and fucked over and over again until I reach orgasm after orgasm.  Even though you love to watch me get completely satisfied there's one thing you love even more isn't there?  You want to eat his cum from my freshly fucked pussy don't you?  And if you do as I say, someday you'll get to eat my bull's cum but today your going to show me that you can eat your own cum.

Are you getting harder?  Is your dick ready to explode?  I bet you're getting very thirsty aren't you?  You're getting ready for your yummy cum cocktail aren't you?  Keep stroking your pee pee until I tell you to stop and don't you cum until I tell you to.  I want you to imagine what it will be like when you have learned how to eat your own cum without hesitation.  Then we can go to the next step and get a bull for me to fuck and for you to clean up after.  Won't that be good when you can do that?  I want you to be happy being my cuckold but we have to do it the right way.  Someday all your cuckold fantasies will come true.

Now I want you to imagine how my pussy would look after being fucked over and over again by my black bull.  My pussy lips would be so swollen and tender.  You'd like that wouldn't you?  Perhaps I'd let you hold my legs apart while my bull fucks me.  You'd like to hold my legs apart while I lay in the pile driver position wouldn't you?  My pussy would be wide open for my bull to cum in...umm.  Would you like to see him stroke his big black cock over my gapping pussy hole and see him shoot his sperm right in my open cunt?  I bet you would.  I bet you'd have a hard time being able to keep from cumming if you saw that wouldn't you?  Imagine how that black man's cum would look in a creamy white puddle deep inside my pussy. 
You want to eat every last drop of his cum don't you?  You'd like that cum to go right from my pussy to your mouth and down your throat wouldn't you?  You want to savor the salty taste of his cum and my cum mixed together in your mouth before you swallow it all down.  How would you swallow it?  Would you put your mouth over my pussy and suck it all out or would you rather lay on your back while I sit on your face letting it all drip in your open mouth?  Either way, I know you want to eat every bit of that cum don't you?  You can only imagine how that cum would taste for now but very soon you will be eating some real cum.  Once I train you, you will never go hungry for cum again.

You must be getting pretty hard by now.  Am I right?  You are getting very close to receiving your reward for today.  Now I want you to listen very carefully...I want you to stroke your dick right now using all the mental images in your mind and bring yourself close to the point of orgasm.  Be careful not to let yourself have an orgasm and shoot your wadd prematurely.  You are going to have to back off when you feel the urge to cum.  It also helps to squeeze your cock very hard when you begin to feel the urge to cum.  If you can master this art of self control you will be able to ejaculate without having an orgasm and then your desire to eat cum will not fade.  I want you to do this right now.  Pick up your cum glass and point your cock into the glass while you stroke it.

There, I knew you could do it.  You blew a wadd of cum into your glass and your dick is still hard.  You're going to make a good cuckold.  Now that you have successfully milked cum out of your own cock you know what you must do.  As I said before, eating cum is your job so it's time to get to it.  I know you want to drink it but before you do so, I want you to savor the smell and taste of it.  Bring your cum glass up to your nose and inhale a deep breath through your nostriles.  Umm... Doesn't it smell good?  That's the smell of you being a good cuckold.  Now, take a small sip and hold it on your tounge.  Get used to that taste because you'll be eating a lot more cum in the future.  OK it's time for you to enjoy your reward for being such a good cuckold.  You can chug it all down the hatch if you want or savor small sips at a time, it's up to you.  All I require is that you eat all of the cum and don't leave any behind.

Umm....wasn't that cum good?  Now that you've passed your first cuckold training session, you will need to practice your technique over and over again until you can ejaculate freely without loosing the desire to eat cum.  After all, what good is a cuckold who can't swallow cum.  I certainly wouldn't want you to be able to perform when it's time to get our first bull now would it?  To make sure you you do practice your technique I'm going to give you a homework assignment.  For your assignment I want you to jack off into a condom.  Once you collect the sperm from your little jack off session, I want you to bring it to me so I can feed it to you.  I think I'll dump it into a spoon and feed it to you like a little baby.  You'd like that wouldn't you?  Of course you would, you're a cum eating cuckold.