Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Want to submit to my Wife!

I am so desperately looking for my wife to become my Mistress. These are the steps that I need to follow so that I can achieve the true meaning of cuckolding!
1. Submit to my wife
2. My wife becomes My Mistress
3. She FemDom me
4. Puts me in Chastity and takes me with Strapon
5. Live in a Female Led Relationship and worship her and her pussy.
6. Since I cannot satisfy her she fucks other men
7. She Feminize me and give me estrogens and anti testosterone
8. She cuckolds me
9. I have to serve her and her lovers
10. I fluff her lovers and lick her creampies
11. I become a bitch for her lovers and they take me as well
12. She introduces Black Lovers to our Relationship
13. We both become Black Owned
14. Her Superior Black Lovers Breed her
15. We live in a Black owned Environment!

Hopefully we can do that!

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