Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ten Reasons why I date only Black Men....

1. Black men are often larger on average than white in other words you are more likely to see more well-hung black men than white men.

2. Black men are more often multiple cummers.

3. The contrast is a huge turn on.

4. The taboo aspect.

5. Black men show up more often at parties than white men.

6. Black men concentrate more on pleasing the woman or women they are with as white men seem to be more into pleasing themselves (not every white man though).

7. Black men are equal opportunity fuckers.

8. Black men keep it hard not every black man but on average more often that white it seems.

9. They are more sexually aggressive it seems which a lot of women find to be a huge plus

10. Look at all of the BBC groups on (yahoo, ning, flicker...etc). There are more and more everyday so black men must be doing something right.