Sunday, May 19, 2013

Love black men!!! Part 1!

Hello again this is EvA…I am a 40 year old tranny. I do not consider my self a crossdresser anymore, because I am doing that for so long that I have been transformed to a very sexy and feminine ladyboy. I have been taking also hormones for 4 years, on and off and I already saw many changes…my boobies are growing, becoming poutier and have sensitive nipples. My skin is sooo soft and my hips are getting bigger giving me a pear figure… I also see changes in my feelings, being more sensitive and some times I cry when I watch a romantic movie…haha. One of the biggest changes also is that I am always horny thinking of men and I want to be in femme 24/4.

Said that, when at home alone, I am all dressed up in sexy stockings, g strings, high heels and super mini dresses and skirts. Last Saturday, after I had my afternoon beauty sleep, I woke up and took a shower where I did my hair removal procedure. I love when I do that..I feel so sexy and feminine. After I have put my creams I wore black stockings, matching g string, a black lace mini dress and my high heels. Then I put on my make up and my blonde wig and my escape perfume. Lastly I inserted my small anal plug the one which is a gem.I opened a botle of wine and started chatting with men on the internet. After I had a couple of glasses of wine, I became very horny. I needed a real man to make me his woman. So I decided to get up and go out to a bar to find some company. I have checked myself in the mirror and I was really hot. I took my purse with some money and my mobile and went out.

I started walking in the street looking for a bar to go and have a drink. Luckilly, there are many bars in my neighrhood therefor it did not take me a lot of time to find a place to go in. I walked in and sat on a stool on the bar.

The barman comes to me and asks me for a drink so I order a Cosmopolitan, my favorite – most feminine cocktail there is.While waiting for my drink a check arount and I see many young people, boys and girls, having fun, talking loud and having drinks. The barman brings my Cosmo and I take a zip. The music that plays is 80’s, my favorite and I start to have fun listening to nice songs and drinking my Cosmo. Before I finish my drink the barman gets me another one. I say, I did not order one and he says that the 2 guys from across the bar are sending it. I look at the other side of the bar and I see 2 black guys waiving to me. I say hello and then cheers and then both come to my side sitting to the stools next to me. They introduce themselves as Alex and John and we start chatting. I am not 100% passable due to my voice, so they both understand that I am a ladyboy. So we start talking, laughing, drinking and having fun. The time passes by and I start to get dizzy and hornier with the drinks. We start open up and talk about sex and how white women are attracted to black men. So I find the opportunity to tell them that I am attracted to black men as well and to be honest I that I find them both attractive and would love to know them better. Both then told me that love also being with white girls and especially with white feminine sissies like me so they invited me to go with them back to their place in a hotel nearby. I agreed with them so they paid the bill and got out of the bar.

I was walking between them and it did not take us a long time to arrive in the hotel. We took the elevator and got into the room. The room was a suite with 2 bedrooms so I excused myself to go to the bathroom to freshen up. When I came back they had already a bootle of wine ready and I sat in between them. We start drinking and talking and I started touching their legs with my hands and caressing them with my stocking coverd legs. They both started to touch me and play with my legs, ass and breast. I knew that the time has come to surrender to my two black lovers. I always believe that the long the resist the sweeter the surrender!!!

I turned to Alex and kiss him inserting my tongue in his mouth and touching his shaved head. I love men with shaved heads and both had the heads shaved…yummy. I feel John’s hand all over me and I moan from satisfaction. I order them to stand up in fron of me and start caressing their cocks by touching their pants. I opend the zippers and pull them down and I see infront of two beautiful semi erect black dicks pointing to me. I take both of them with my hands and bring them closer to me. I smell them first, I always do that because I love the smell, a manly and pissy perfume hits my nostrals that make me kiss them both on the dick head leaving my lipstick on both. Then I start licking their balls first one by one and enjoying their shaved balls and smell. I continue licking them and then I start blowing Alex while I am wanking John. I alternative licking one or the other felling them to grow in my mouth and both fucking my mouth, gagging me and spitting on their cocks and the swallow them again. I love the feeling of being on my knees making love to two black cocks with my mouth. I keep on worshipping their love tools for 5 minutes and I need to feel them inside me.

I look at them and I ask who wants to take me first? John volunteers so I stand up and take off my mini dress and g-string. At the same time I feel both my lovers touching my ass and caressing me and when John tries to caress my pussy ass, he finds out that I have a butt plug in me. You are very naughty he says and push me on the couch on all four. Alex comes infront of me and gives me his manhood in my mouth to keep making love to him. John now is behind me, he pulls my anal plug out, and he starts licking it and caressing in with his tongue. I love having my pussy ass being licked so I am trying to moan out of pleasure by I cannot because I stuffed with Alex’s love tool. John then stands up and comes closer to me. I feel his cock head on my crack and he starts pushing it inside me. I am open but not that open to take him without pain. I take his balls in my hand and try to control him to be slow and gentle and with a strong push, he enters me! I feel a pain that makes me hornier than ever and feel my ends to be filled with two black cocks. John starts pounding me and I open up, the pain has gone and a pleasurable wave of satisfaction occupies my body. They both keep on pumping me with their beautiful cocks and the contrast of my white face and ass being pounded by black men in the mirror makes me a real Black Cock Slut! John is pounding me harder and harder and I can tell that he is ready to come. I take off Alex’s cock from my mouth and I tell John that I wanted him to come in my mouth. John withdraws leaving my anus open for a second because then Alex comes from behind me and enters me again. 

John comes in front of me and feeds me with his cock. I keep on sucking him feeling his cock erupting in my mouth and his hot jizz running from the cock head. I keep on swallowing because I want to taste all his cum. It is salty, thick and yummy. I open my mouth and still have cum in my mouth, I show it to him and then I swallow it all. With my tongue, I clean his cock head and thank him for the wonderful load. In the mean time, Alex is pounding me hard as well from behind, opening my anus to the limits. He comes out and enters me again and feek my anus to be on fire. He moans for a minute and then he enters me again and I feel his cock exploting in me, filling me with his love juice. I tried to have him withdraw because I do not want him to cum inside me for safety reasons but it is too late now. I feel his hot cum running in me in four big loads and his cock to keep on pumping me. He withdraws and he comes infront of me giving me his cock to clean it from his cum. I clean him and I stand up. As soon as I satnd up, I feel his cum running out of my pussy so I take it with my fingers and lick it. I do not want to miss any of the wonderfull love juices. I look in the mirror and I see a very horny Eva, enjoying every minute of it. I am reddish from the passion and the hour of love making but I need more…hopefully my lovers too.

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