Sunday, May 26, 2013

Love black men 2!!!

I started walking infront of them shaking my ass and hips, as models do on the catwalk, and went to the bathroom to freshen up and put some more lipstick. As I sat down to pee, like a good girl, I run my finger inside me and I was all wide open and wet…. A second finger and a third went in easily and a smile drawn on my face. I am a Black Cock Slut….I thought, and stood up, cleaned my clit and pussy and walk back to the room. My two lovers were sitting on the couch relaxing, so I served them some wine and I sat again between them. I took a mouthful of wine, I turned to Alex and kiss him in the mouth giving him my wine, and I did the same for John. A few drops of wine spilled on John’s naked body and I licked them tasting his sweet sweat and living traces of lipstick all over his torso. I keep on kissing him and lower my head to his cock. Drops of salty precum were running from his black mushroom shaped cock head and with great pleasure, I licked him clean. I was so horny again that I started licking his balls and his cock with great satisfaction. 

I am here to serve them and I love that. I am the kind of girl that I like to give. I do not want to have an orgasm whem being with men. I love to be horny mentally and psychologically and can make love to men for hours. He started fucking my mouth, gagging me everytime his cock head was reaching my experienced throat, taking him all his length and feeling his big bald balls touching my chin. Every time I was taking his cock out of my mouth to take a breath, a stream of saliva was running from his cock and I was swallowing it, enjoying every drop and every minute I had been blowing him. Alex was watching us and he took his phone and started recording me blowing his buddy. I reached then to him and started stroking his cock as well and then John woke up, came behind me, and started playing with my asshole. I moved closer to Alex and started licking him while John entered me with a strong stoke, feeling his cock deep inside me and his balls hitting my feminine srunked balls. I was in heaven again, being filled from both ends with two black young stunts giving and receiving pleasure. They both fuck me and use me for a second time and I knew by now that it will take more time for them to cum again.
Therefore, I run off Johns cock and stand up, open my legs and sat on Alex’s cock facing him. He entered me very easily and I started pounding my open hole on his big pole. I turned on John and ask him to come and enter me as well. With a big surprise at his face, he came closer and felt his cock trying to enter me. I spit on my hand and smeared his cock and he started again. The pain was unbearable but I was destined to have them both inside me. Slowly slowly, they opened me up and my anus was welcoming both black cocks at the same time. I started screeming from passion while my two black lovers were making me their black slut queen! I lost the sence of time while being double penetrated by my two black lover boys. They kept pounding me and I was kissing them alternatively in the mouth. My anus was wide open receiving pleasure and milking their poles. I knew from their moaning that they were about to cum so I told them that I needed both their loads inside me. 

I want to feel their hot semen in me and I told them that I want them to impregnate me with their black cock cum. It did not take them more when they both started emptying their loads deep inside me. I was feeling their cocks exploding in me and gashes of cum felling me up. I hold John to stay in me. I was not ready to let them go. It was the best love making session I ever had and wanted it to last forever. I could live with my two lovers inside me forever. Is it possible? As we know, good things do not last forever so John pulled out of me and then I stood up. I felt soooo empty; my anus was open and hot. I took my wine glass and I put it between my legs and emptied all their cum in the glass. They both stared at me as I was doing that and as soon as I was completely empty I said cheers to them and drunk all their cum at once. I felt so horny and kinky by doing that and both my lovers said that I am the best Black Cum Queen they ever had.
I kneeled infront of them and cleaned their cocks with my tongue. I felt on the couch to take a breath and I run my fingers in me. My anus was so open and wet, first time I felt so wide open. I knew that some of their cum was still inside me, being absorbed by my anus, so from now on I will be carrying their black DNA… I became a Black Cum Slut and I will always be fron now on. I open my purse and took off a tampon; I opened it and stuck it in me. I put my g-string on and I was looking for my mini dress. Then my boys told me that if I wanted I could stay over and leave tomorrow. They even try to pursue me by saying that I can have my coffee in the morning with milk…their milk. I could not resist their offer so I accepted. We sat on the couch now, cuddling in their big black arms, talking, caressing, drinking wine and having fun.

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