Sunday, June 16, 2013

Love black men 3!!!

I checked the time and it was almost 3 oclock. I said my lovers that I had been tired and needed some sleep so that I can wake up in the morning and enjoy my coffee. I told them that I would love to sleep between them and they accepted the invitation. The bed in the one room was double so we went there.  I laid in the middle and have Alex and John next to me. I started touching their cocks and kissing them alternatively in the mouth. I turned my back to Alex and started kissing John in the mouth while wanking him.

 Alex started touching my body and his cock was between my ass cheeks. I was still wearing my tampon, so he pulled it out and he slowly put his cock inside me. I stayed there feeling his semi erect manhood penetrating me while John was already asleep. I turned my head, kissed Alex, and told him that I wanted him to stay in there as we go to sleep. I moved my ass back and forth and I was feeling his cock growing inside me. I then figured that my boy did not want to sleep and wanted to keep on fucking me. Lucky me, I turned ans start French kissing him telling him how much I loved him inside me and that I want him to fuck me hard until the end. He was fucking me hard but I wanted to change position. I laid on my back and open my legs and he came and inserted me having my legs on his shoulders. This is one of my favorite positions because that way, when my lover is going back and forth his cock is milking my prostate.  I wanted to scream from lust but I did not want to wake up John, so I was deep kissing Alex felling him deeper and deeper. He kept on fucking me and suddenly I felt my little cock/clit start running cum without having an orgasm. Always happens to me that way.

Alex cock was caressing my prostate and my sweet cum started to run. I was in heaven. I took it with my fingers and licked it with passion and sluttinest. Alex kept on pounding me while I was caressing his black boby with my hands and kissing him with passion telling him love words. I really enjoyed every minute with him that I wanted him to know that so I kept on telling him that I love the way he makes love to me and how much I love him being iside me. We kept kissing and making love and then I felt him rushing to another climax. I them pulled him all the way inside me and told him that I wanted his cum in me again. I wanted him to fill me with his black cum again and make me his bitch. While sayin that in his ear he entered me with a pound and then started cumming again. I felt his hot semen filling me again and I close my legs arount his torso not letting him out of me. I kept on French kissing him, telling him that I love him!!!! I did not want him out of me, so slowly slowly, I turned my back to hom and he was still iside me. I gave him a last kiss and told him to sleep in me.

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