Monday, June 17, 2013

Sissify by my wife...part 1!

Since my wife found me all dressed up in femme, my life has changed...i beleive to the better and the kinkiest!!!!

She was supposed to be at work, so I was home alone and every time I am home alone I dress up...with stockings, g string, high heeled boots, sexy mini dresses, and if I know that she is coming late, I put make up and my wig. Most of the clothes that I wear belong to my wife, thank god we have the same shape and body, even her shoew fit me, lucky me... that is why every now and then, I buy her sexy lingerie and clothes because at the end I will be wearing them as well..!!!

So, it was around 1 oclock in the afternoon, and I was chatting with a black guy on the internet. I knew my wife was suppose to return back at 4, so I had time to paly around and then undress and wait for her. In the meantime, while dressed I did all the house work, cleaning the dishes, vacuming, fixing the bed, laundry and all a good house wife should do. You see, since I was unemployed, my wife was the earner in the house so I had to help. To be honest, I enjoy every minute it of it, because I am a good housewife...haha, making me more feminine. I need to mention also that for the past 2 years I have been taking feminization pills, on and off because I want to feel and become more feminine. I have been taking some herbal hormones that helped a lot band also some estrogen and antistestosterone pills. Since I have been taking those pills, my skin became more soft, my breast more pouty with very sensitive nipples, my hips started to get bigger and I became more sensitive...i can watch a romantic movie and cry..haha. Also, besides the hormones I started removing my breast hair, my wife was asking me why..and I was telling her that I wanted a change...I have been shaving my private parts, cock, balls and ass for many years, since she met me, so there was no questions about this. I also trimmed my legs, you see I could not shave them all the way, but with high dem stockings you could not tell that I was not all the way shaved. Thank got I am not hairy, and since I started the hormones the hair growth was not the was slower..lucky me!!

So, I was having my esspresso, and chatting on skype with this nigerian guy and listening to music, so I did not hear the door opening. She called me and then open the office door and saw me there, all dressed up, lookinmg so sexy and feminine, with open skype and a black guy on the line..... 

I could not escape, everything that I was hiding so many years have fallen apart...I was there all dressed up as a sexy sissy, wearing her clothes, her makeup and talking to a black guy on line..OMG, I wish the earth could open and take me deep inside. I was trying to say something but I could not.. I had seems that I was there for hours listening to her questions...what is this? what are you doing? and so on... What I managed to say was I am sorry, let me explain to you... and she said ok, go ahead..

We went to the livin g room, so as soon as she sat on the couch, I told her wait a second... I went to the kitchen and pour some vodka with some ice cubes and fresh lemom juice and took it in a tray... I served her the drink and I was trying to explain her what i was doing... She started drinking her vodka and calmed down. She said to me that she had figured that something was going on with me... she could find her clothes and make up messed up, I started to be more feminine - the hormones started to kick in- meaning my movements some times, and some other things. I explained to her that I still love her, it just I have two personalities, the one that she knows and married and another one, Eva, that she does not know yet but I wish she could know and accept. I was so nervous waiting for her reactions and her answers on all this.. but she kept drinking her vodka without saying anything. I was sitting on a fire, waiting for a sign...

Then, as soon as her vodka finished she told me: You bitch, go and get me another vodka, 50 ml and half a lemon juice and 3 ice cubes! I was shocked I took her glass, rush to the kitchen and follow her order. 50 ml vodka, 3 ice cubes and half a lemon fresh squeezed juice. I went back, carrying the glass, and the she said - where is the fucking tray?  So, back again, getting a tray and serving her the vodka. I serve her the glass and put then tray down on the table. Then she ordered me to take off her boots and put her leg on a pillow. I followed her orders...I could not resist her bossy way..I think I started paying my duties.. on one hand I was feeling starnge, but on the other hand, i always wanted this to happen...So Eva, shut up and start serving your wife....

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